At Acme Janitorial, we know that keeping your Northwest Arkansas or River Valley business clean should be your top priority. Whether you are operating a restaurant, school, hotel, or retirement home, you should keep cleaning chemicals, degreasers, and surface disinfectants, and sanitizers on hand at all times to maintain a properly hygienic workplace.

Cleaning chemicals help clean by degreasing, sanitizing, and disinfecting surfaces. Degreasers remove substances that cannot be dissolved with water, like on floors, parts, machinery, and tools. Surface disinfectants and sanitizers are paramount in your business because they reduce the number of germs and prevent them from spreading on high-touch surfaces.


Cleaning Chemicals for Schools and Learning Institutions in Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley

With the changes in policies for schools around the United States, it’s more important now than ever to keep surfaces and equipment clean for students and staff. We offer disinfectants, floor care products, and other cleaning chemicals for learning institutions in the area so that you can focus on teaching our next generation and keeping them healthy in the meantime.

We offer chemical pumps to store and dispense cleaning chemicals for easy and safe cleaning.


Industrial Cleaning Chemicals for Your Restaurant or Hospitality Operation

We carry commercial cleaning chemicals for everyday sanitization, but we also carry industrial cleaning chemicals and foodservice chemicals for surfaces, glasses, and dishware to reduce cross-contamination and to lubricate your commercial kitchen equipment while keeping a safe environment for your food.

If you need industrial cleaning chemicals for your foodservice or hospitality business, we have a variety of cleaning products to fit your needs. We provide ready-to-use chemicals to save you time before cleaning and to help keep you safe.

We can also supply you with chemical pumps to store and dispense your commercial cleaning process to keep you and your employees skin out of direct contact with the chemicals and to avoid messes.

Our housekeeping chemicals can help get out even the toughest stains and spills on your cleaning jobs so that you can ensure that your clients are fully satisfied. We also have specialized cleaning chemicals available for removing and treating mold and mildew.

We offer disinfectants, dishwashing liquids, deodorizers, and other cleansers so that you and your staff have everything they need to keep your building and clients’ buildings sparkling clean.

To make sure your floor care program in Northwest Arkansas or the River Valley is effective, you must begin by choosing the right floor care chemicals. At Acme Janitorial, we carry a variety of high-quality floor care chemicals to fit your needs.