Cleaning Supplies

To keep your facility in NWA or the River Valley clean, you must keep your janitorial cleaning supplies stocked at all times. Acme Janitorial & Chemical can be your sole provider for cleaning supplies for your business or school!

For hard-to-reach areas, we offer brushes, brooms, dusters, and squeegees. These products can help clean, dust, mop, and polish your surfaces. Keep your cleaning supplies in our housekeeping carts, janitorial carts, totes, and buckets to make it easier to go from room to room or job to job. Use our spray bottles and trigger sprayers to easily apply disinfectants, cleaners, degreasers, and other cleaning liquids. Our quality toilet plungers can help get your toilets, sinks, and shower drains functioning again after obstructions.


Types of janitorial supplies we carry:

Janitorial supplies and cleaning equipment help you keep up the appearances and safety of your facilities and help create a healthy environment for employees and visitors. Our janitorial supplies and cleaning equipment include:

  • Soaps and sanitizers for hygiene and disinfecting
  • Bottles and pumps for applying disinfectants and other liquids
  • Measuring cups and scoops for mixing cleaning supplies
  • Scrappers and blades for removing set spills
  • Paper products and dispensers for handwashing and toilet needs
  • Brushes for cleaning hard to reach places or bathrooms
  • Squeegees for removing water from floors and cleaning countertops
  • Mops, buckets, and wringers for cleaning floors and walls
  • Scrubbing pads and sponges for removing stubborn stains and residue
  • Surface cleaners, finishes, and polishes for floors, sinks, and other surfaces
  • Vacuum cleaners, brooms, and dustpans for cleaning up large pieces of dirt and debris


If you have any questions, please contact your local Acme Janitorial & Chemical office:

Fayetteville, AR: 479-521-6210

Fort Smith, AR: 479-646-8956


Commercial Cleaning Carts and Tools to Maintain Your Facility

Provide your staff with commercial cleaning tools to keep your school or business as sanitary as possible. For quick dusting and sweeping, we carry quality dusters, janitorial brushes, and microfiber cloths. Our washers, squeegees, and glass cleaners can keep your windows clean and crystal clear. To make manual dishwashing a breeze, try out our commercial-grade scrubbers and sponges. Our hose reels can also help you rinse pots and fill buckets more quickly.

These cleaning tools can be used for school buildings, grocery stores, department stores, restaurants, or any other facilities where messes are frequent. Especially during cold and flu season, your facilities will benefit from our disinfectant wipes and clothes.

Use our commercial cleaning carts to help your staff carry cleaning supplies quickly from room to room in your restaurant, office building, or learning facility. We have a variety of carts to choose from. Some feature bags for garbage, holders for spray bottles, and sections for towels and linens.

Be sure to take a look at our selection of mop buckets, janitor carts, and housekeeping carts today!